MTEK WEAPON SYSTEMS Pretador Facial Armor System

Although there's not much information available on its website, MTeK…

Although there’s not much information available on its website, MTeK Weapons System‘s new Predator Facial Armor System, known as F.A.S.T., is already a hit among tactical operations worldwide.  The company was awarded a $1.5M grant to continue development on their FAST and the Army ordered 10 prototypes for testing.

The Predator FAST G-Series faceshields are a lightweight, advanced facial armor system for vehicle mounted crew served weapon gunners, infantry personnel, and anyone else requiring facial protection from airborne fragmentation threats. It is being made available to US Military and LEO’s only. MTek has made clear that orders will only be accepted with appropriate identification.  Visit for more information on how to place an order.

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  • Adam

    I think they’re a great idea for the safety of soldiers. I’d have a few more friends today if we had these a few years ago. And as far as how they “LOOK” to civilians – Our POSTURE in the field means everything. If you look weak, disorganized, or soft, you are much more likely to be attacked. We don’t need to come across as violent or scary, but serious, fortified, and capable are imperative. This mask means serious.
    Mr. T., if you want to see humanity, go to a funeral and pay your respects.


    facial protection is a must have….CQB is fast, confusing and violent. Most KIA of Australian SF in Afghanistan have been to the face, neck and head. having been next to a mate shot through the face on room entry…had he had facial protect to the lower jaw the angle of the RPK rounds coming upward may have been slowed down..he would have a corn-cob grin but he may be alive… that said though…a RPK at close range is a meatgrinder. As for Mr T…mate you really have no idea…This is the wrong place for those words man…The taliban dont give a shit how your face looks…they cut off there own girls faces so do you think they care about ours…Ill leave it at that. Body armor for a modern warfighter is a prick of a thing but we been wearing it since before the Spartans & Romans..the more the merrier the better….I get home to my woman….PJ’s, Marines and SEAls rock…I will die with you any day…just bring me home.

  • IAN

    It looks bad ass!

  • semper kill

    since when did the enemy take into an account on how we look? hello Mr. T do you remember 9/11. abviously you are a civilian sir and you have no idea what is going on. i urge go to the nearest marin corpes base go to exchange and pick you up a copy of marine times . right in the middle of the news paper there will be a full page of names and dates of young men and women , my brothers and sisters that are dying everyday so liberal mutha F ers like you can live free and call us baby killers when you see us in uniform. so if i wear a face sheild to protect my face so i can come home after 7 months to kis my wife and kids guess what i will put a demon skull on it. oh yeah by the way you are welcome you liberal dumb ass.


    Who the hell is Mr. T and why does he think his opinion counts? Obviously he’s never worn the uniform or else he’d thought twice about such an idiotic comment. Humanity is the REASON we need such ballistic protection. I give 2 sh–s about the enemies “feelings”. Only thing I care about is him feeling my 556, 762 or 50 cal rounds to the head or chest.

  • blueline4240

    Mr. T you sir are an idiot. Enter a structure with someone inside hell bent on killing you or anyone on your team and see a facial injury from some random ass shooting crapbag. The threat level is IIIA on this and they have 2 versions. Amazing thinking and genius on these guys to protect those in harms way. Hell yes your teeth are going to get broken and your grill is gonna hurt. However your brain will still be inside your skull tucked away where god put it for another day.RLTW!

  • Jes

    The website is up and working now. They just made an appearance at the Shot Show in Las Vegas a week ago. Search MTek on YouTube and you can see a video with a demo of the mask and information.

  • Nick

    Is this a bullet stopper? If it is, it looks like you would loose some teeth; better than being shot in the face though.


    Mr T… jackass. Have you ever been shot at? Who gives a shit what you think! GFY you pansy!

  • Semper Fi

    Hmmmm, Mr. T, it seems that you really have no idea of what goes on in war. Don’t you understand that as an advanced warfighter, you have to protect yourself from the enemy? By any and all means necessary. What I recommend you do is “Shut your damn lips”! You have no right to even comment on this board unless you are a combat veteran or have served your country faithfully. What our soldiers need is to be protected by whatever armor is available and it would help to support what they are doing for our country. Do not make judgements on what they are doing or what they look like to the enemy. That my friend does not matter. Protection/Safety of the soldier is the most important thing and being able to return home alive to their families. One more word of advice for you, “Think about what you say, before you say it”. Semper Fi

  • Fulpinator

    Hey Mr. T……..I am not sure you have given much thought to your comments.
    1. I would wear their skin if it afforded some kind of supernatural protection; say something akin to the American Indian counting “coup” and wearing the scalp of his enemy.
    2. Humans war. Period. I don’t like it, I don’t start it, but I aim to finish it in the protection of brothers in arms, family, and personal preservation.
    3. The enemy already kills us easily. Have been asleep your entire life? I say protect yourself and intimidate at the same time.

  • D.

    Anyone know what level of protection this mask gives? The website doesn’t mention anything.

  • DAVE


  • solomon

    Easy to say Mr. T until you see someone with a terrible facial injury that could have been prevented. If everyone played fair then you would have a point…since everyone doesn’t I think a faceshield is a good idea.

  • Mr.T

    Why don’t you just start wearing your opponents skins as a scarf and have done with it. How’s that for an escalation of war?

    If you take away the face you take away the humanity. The enemy will feel easyer about killing them and the soldier will feel as if theres no danger if they do evil things.