MTM Survivor Ammo Can

The MTM Survivor Ammo Can is a safe and secure…

The MTM Survivor Ammo Can is a safe and secure way to store ammunition and other valuable gun-related objects underground or out the reach of prohibited persons. Capable of holding 600 rounds of .45 ACP ammo or 500 rounds and a handgun, the Survivor Ammo Can features reinforced ridges for structural strength, making it impervious to the impact of blunt instruments and heavy weight. Its lid is double O-ring sealed and held in place with six stainless steel screws. May Armageddon do its worst (

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  • Fred

    It’s not on their site or anywhere else but here. I guess they don’t want to sell any of them.

    Classic vaporware garbage.

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    Ok, checked the link they dont have the product listed so where is it?