Multi-Mission Responders

The U.S. Border Patrol’s SRT (Special Response Team) is not…


The U.S. Border Patrol’s SRT (Special Response Team) is not your average S.W.A.T. detail. SRT recruits from among highly motivated, experienced Border Patrol officers, who must pass a comprehensive screening process—then in their basic training class for sworn personnel they flunk out some 70 percent.

bpsrt437.gifMost cops who train for an assignment in S.W.A.T. do not live on an occasional GI MRE (Meal Ready to Eat) and are not intentionally sleep deprived during their tactical training. They generally go home at night or stay in a comfortable hotel. Not in the Border Patrol. In the BP they conduct business as if their sworn personnel were training to become members of an Army Special Forces unit.

As in all professional LE organizations, training continues for the Border Patrol SRT agents even after they successfully complete the basic program. All SRT agents are required to participate in a minimum of 210 hours of training a year if they choose to remain SRT qualified. This is a significant commitment on behalf of those who wish to serve in this elite tactical unit.

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