Mural dedicated to fallen U.S. soldier vandalized by school fraternity (video).

Officials at Alfred State College placed a fraternity on interim…

Officials at Alfred State College placed a fraternity on interim suspension after members painted their Greek letters over a roadside mural dedicated to a soldier killed in Afghanistan.

Last year, friends of Army Sgt. Devin Snyder of Cohocton painted her image and an American flag on a large rock alongside Interstate 390 in Livingston County. She died last June during an attack that killed three other soldiers.

In a statement on the college’s website Friday, an administrator at Alfred State College said Kappa Sigma Epsilon has been temporarily suspended while the school investigates the matter.

“The Alfred State community is disappointed by the alleged actions of this organization. This behavior does not reflect the campus community’s values of respect, integrity, and honor.”

Source: Army Times

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  • tony chan

    Sure your school doesn’t behave or condone this. How many of your professors have ever served? Strap those frat bros in some boots and ship them overseas and see how much honor, respect and integrity they have..