N-Vision Optics BTS Thermal Imaging Binocular

BTS is a state of the art uncooled thermal imaging…

BTS is a state of the art uncooled thermal imaging binocular designed to meet demanding needs of law enforcement and security professionals. BTS offers unsurpassed performance when used for surveillance, search and rescue operations, perimeter control, and vehicle identification in addition to a wide variety of other applications.

The rugged and lightweight BTS will satisfy users with the most stringent and demanding requirements. Regardless of ambient light conditions, smoke or haze, BTS detects even the slightest temperature differences of everything in the field of view and provides the user clear “white hot” or “black hot” images of what otherwise would be invisible to the naked eye.

The imager can be powered by lithium CR123 batteries or it can be connected to an external 12 VDC power source or AC/DC adapters. Built-in electronics automatically select external power when it is available, and preserves battery life to the greatest extent possible.

BTS can be attached to an external video monitor or to a video recorder for review at the later time. Per customer specifications, video output can be configured into PAL or NTSC format. Nvisionoptics.com.

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