Naming Navy ships returns to tradition after choices drew criticism.

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus, under fire from Congress and veterans…

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus, under fire from Congress and veterans for naming ships after fellow Democrats and social activists, plans to announce another round of ship names in the near future that will be more traditional, a Pentagon official tells The Washington Times.

The official said Mr. Mabus has chosen names for five surface ships – three for war heroes and two for locations. Ships typically are named after states and cities.

Asked whether this was a response to criticism, the official said: “It isn’t. I think if you look at these five additional ships, I think you’ll see examples that are very traditional.” The official said three ships would be named after highly decorated Navy or Marine Corps personnel.

Mr. Mabus, a former Mississippi governor, broke with Navy conventions in the past three years when he named an amphibious ship, two cargo ships and a littoral combat ship after two social activists and two fellow Democrats.

Source: By Rowan Scarborough The Washington Times.

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  • David M. White

    Insult, insult. No ship, plane, base, camp, tank, truck, etc should NEVER be named for anyone who has not served in the military. That named person then lives on forever in the mines of all future military personnel. As a Vietnam veteran who could not tell civilians for many years keep those hero I’ve forever and not anyone else.

  • Dan

    Sell them away like stadiums. The USS AT&T or the USS Budweiser.

  • Jimmy Mullin

    Bad luck to name a ship after a woman who was shot in the head.No one likes congressmen or senators so why name ships after them.What’s next? Lobbyists bribing officials to have ships named after them? What will the USS Obama be?Never mind that,what flag will it fly?

  • J Hughes

    Yea wtf. I feel sorry for Rep. Giffords but it was retarded to name a warship after her.