Nautilus Rotating Rail

Ballista Tactical Systems, an innovator in the firearms accessory industry,…

Ballista Tactical Systems, an innovator in the firearms accessory industry, has released its revolutionary Nautilus Rotating Rail.

The product consists of 2 separate and adjustable rail systems with both sections comprised of 4 individual, Pica tinny rails, which can be rotated 360 degrees in 45-degree increments in either direction.


It is constructed of 6061 T6511 hard-anodized aluminum for strength and durability. The rail can be mounted to any AR style platform. This groundbreaking design allows the user to have instant access to 8 different accessories, in limitless configurations, at the touch of a button. This versatile product offers benefits ranging from convenience to casualty prevention.


This “shift on the fly” technology changes everything. The Nautilus Rotating Rail is currently available in a 7-inch model and can be ordered from Demonstration and installation videos are also available on the website.


Ballista Tactical Systems was founded on the principal of aggressively pursuing innovative solutions for the firearms industry. It has over 50 years of collective industry experience with a solid track record of bringing revolutionary new products to the consumer, military and law enforcement communities.

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  • Bill

    Makes me laugh so hard watching fatty.
    lets get to the facts,
    1)Adds weight!!! farther out
    2)You don’t want any optics to move!!
    3)Heat gain form barrel ouch.
    4)Buy a folding fore grip or a foregrip with Bipod in side less that $75
    6) 6061 is soft and cheap.
    7) Made in China for $8.00

  • Bob

    Also what about the heat form the Barrel,
    At least they could have made it Hybrid Composite and 7075 alum rails.

  • Bob

    Why???? Adds a Pound and made from soft aluminum.
    Why does it need to rotate??????
    And who would ever buy even if 100 buck let alone 700.

  • Ive been working with these guys for awhile now. Great people and great item very versatile. So many options and benefits with there rail system. Hopefully will be making more videos for all you guys to check out how hard we run the Nautilus system!!!! Get them now before the Seals take them all!