NavELite Compass x HZO

NavELite, the only global provider of the patented backlit magnetic…

NavELite, the only global provider of the patented backlit magnetic compasses, has signed an agreement with HZO, Inc., a provider of a patented, award winning WaterBlock™ technology used to protect electronics from damage due to moisture, water and small debris.

The newly formed partnership will allow NavELite to produce their wrist-worn, back-lit magnetic compasses with non-toxic coating applied through a vacuum deposition process to prevent water damage. HzO’s proprietary technology protects and seals the unit with a uniform film application without changing the compass appearance or weight. The WaterBlock™ is applied to the internal assemblies, wrapping the components in a protective, transparent, microscopically thin film layer.

NavELite and HZO are developing a wrist-worn WaterBlocked compass based on customers’ demand for a compass that can withstand heavy humidity and the occasional submersion in water. In early testing, the WaterBlock™ compass EL panels not only lit after submersion but worked while submerged. The new compass will also feature the HZO embossed logo on the wrist strap of all WaterBlocked wrist-worn compasses. Other future projects for the new partners include adding HZO highlights to NavELite’s ongoing mobile application projects.

The new WaterBlocked compasses will be arriving in 2013.


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