Navy’s Mach 7 rail gun closer to reality (video).

The U.S. Navy's futuristic rail gun, which utilizes magnets to…

The U.S. Navy’s futuristic rail gun, which utilizes magnets to shoot projectiles hundreds of miles at speeds up to Mach 7, took another step towards reality this week as defense industry firm Raytheon announced it had been awarded another $10 million to continue developing the project.

“This new system will dramatically change how our Navy defends itself and engages enemies while at sea,” said Joe Biondi, vice president of advanced technology for Raytheon’s Integrated Defense Systems business, according to Fox News.

The Navy envisions several kinds of missions for the new weapon. It could be used in a fire-support role for landing Marines, and with its velocity and range, the rail gun could act as a stand-off weapon, allowing a vessel to defend itself from threats long before it could be attacked.

Source: Newsroom America

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