NEMESIS ARMS Model 06 Mini-Windrunner

Nemesis Arms is the manufacturer of a truly unique .308…

Nemesis Arms is the manufacturer of a truly unique .308 custom rifle, the Model 06 Mini-Windrunner

The Model 06 Mini-Windrunner is a lightweight, tactical, take down, bolt-action repeating rifle designed for law enforcement and sportsman alike.  It is a miniature copy of its big brother, the Model 96 Windrunner .50BMG.  The “Mini” breaks down into an incredibly small package, yet maintains extreme accuracy when deployed.

Marine Scout Snipers tested this weapon at the Mountain Warfare Training Center in Bridgeport, CA and were able to hold 3 inch groups at 600 yards and 6.5 inch groups at 905 yards.

The Mini-Windrunner was designed by Bill Ritchie of EDM Arms, and is manufactured under the same strict guidelines and specifications EDM Arms operates under.

* Overall length: 39 inches
* Total Weight: 11 lbs.
* Barrel: 20 inch match grade and fluted, 4140 Chrome Moly with 6 lands & grooves at 1:10 twist.
* Magazine: 5 round detachable
* Machining: CNC & Wire EDM
* Price: $3850
* Muzzle brake: $175 (optional)
* Optics: Price varies by model (optional)

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  • Patrick

    I want it

  • Chaplain

    David, the maker of this AWESOME rifle is very committed to quality and is producing the BEST take down sniper available today.

    The new Vanquish windrunner 308 Nemesis arms gun is simply the best solution for both hunter and operator made today.

    Mine is on order, so I will give you a complete evaluation once I get it…