Net Gun

SUPER TALON NET GUN With the Super Talon, perps can…

With the Super Talon, perps can be brought down within seconds. With a reach of over 50 feet, this is a great non-lethal response for deadly situations that LE officers face. Equip your officers today. Go to Advanced Weapons Technology, Inc at 48290 Vista Calico, Dept GW/LE, La Quinta, CA 92253; 760-777-7229;

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  • lill

    and are they available in South Africa

  • lill

    how much does it cost

  • if this thing cost 500 bucks ill attempt to make my own jesus ya cant buy anything these days for under 100 bucks

  • Roy

    Hi, I will like to have one for personal use. Game hunting to be precise

  • chase

    how much just for one?

  • Rob

    Alan they are not one use and they cost around $500

  • cory

    where can i buy a net gun i really want one and how much do they cost? and are they available in canada??

  • jack wiles

    can i buy this

  • Alan Lowey

    They are one use only presumably? How much for half a dozen?

  • We require complete information on NET GUN. This is to be used for controlling Dog Menace at Airports in India. Please forward its best prices alongwith other terms & conditions.

  • Dave Buston

    Does this net float?