New information about the secret downed helicopter at bin Laden’s compound.

Sean D. Naylor for writes: The helicopters that flew…

Sean D. Naylor for writes:
The helicopters that flew the Navy SEALs on the mission to kill Osama bin Laden were a radar-evading variant of the special operations MH-60 Black Hawk, according to a retired special operations aviator.


From David Cenciotti:

In the meanwhile, I’ve asked Ugo Crisponi of to draw a sketch of how the Black Helo could look like basing on the few available details seen on pictures (it must be refined, some details probably missing, but it’s quite interesting)

Source: Cencio4

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  • No way dude. There are no “stealth” variants of the UH 60. It is a completley different aircraft, even if your artists depiction is on the money. The tail rotor has five blades on the “mystery hawk”. The UH 60 has two tail rotor paddles which viewed put together LOOK like four blades. The “mystery hawk” has either two stabilators or a semi-divided stabilator probably double daul actuating for both the upper and lower stages, whereas the UH 60 has a single stab and single dual actuator for the upper and lower limits. That’s only a start and another notable difference from both pics are of course the hover infared suppressor system also know as the HIRSS. Your artist should have take note that the ALQ-144 or “disco ball” that he placed on the “mystery hawk” (if the hawk went down do to RPG instead of Rotor Droop on the DeCel) was probably the cause of the wreck due that we have better counter measures now. I do think it’s possible however and plausible to have aircraft such as depicted. I believe that there would be more sightings however due to the fact that these persons would have to train and pracitce and perform maintenance test flights on these aircraft.

  • General Jim M

    i know one thing that isn’t top secret anymore,that it crashes? crashing and fiery explosions are great for stealth missions.