New Kel-Tec RFB .308

Sometimes inventive genius doesn’t happen overnight. More often than not…


Sometimes inventive genius doesn’t happen overnight. More often than not it is a process of evolution and refinement. Kel-Tec’s new RFB (Rifle Forward ejection Bullpup) is a prime example of this. I first saw the rifle at the 2007 SHOT Show in Orlando, Florida. The bullpup rifle was unlike anything I had seen before.

keltec2.gifGun Details
Chambered for the powerful .308 round, the carbine features a polymer housing, fully adjustable trigger, adjustable stock, ambidextrous manual safeties and uses FAL magazines. But perhaps its most interesting attribute is that it does not have an ejection port. Rather than flinging its empty casings to the side of the shooter, empty cartridges are funneled into an ejection chute, above the barrel, and are gently pushed out of an opening towards the muzzle.

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  • Tim in Georgia

    Kel-Tech needs to mass produce these guns to drive down the price. The gun costs as much as a M-14, and most people are going to stick with the status quo unless you offer incentives. I want one, BAD. I want a KSG too; however, the price points are too high on both guns. Come on Kel-Tech, bring down the prices, flood the market, and steal market share from the competition. Both guns are awesome!

  • Pantera

    I really liked the difference in felt recoil!! Being most of the action is back by your shoulder you have a better handle on it. Basically the muzzle doesn’t rise up as much as say a Fal or H&K!!
    Very Nice!!

  • FOYI – Figment of your Imagination. The number being sold is so small its driving up the price on this rifle. Kinda like OIL inflation. Yes!! I would like to have one but not at over-inflated pricing. But I’ll buy my house first, since the market is down…. Hehehe

  • Roger OD

    It is purely out of want, not need, that I ended up with one of these pups. Pure power in a small package, with accuracy you would expect from something longer. Still getting used to the shells “pouring” out of the front.

  • Sir,
    The name of a dealer that is stocking the RFB?
    Thank you,
    Robert Tom

  • Gunner69

    I fondeled this little beauty at our last Gun Show. Very nice, trouble is the short supply of the rifle. Maybe Kel-Tech will offer barrels for other calibers in the future. The 6.5×47 comes to mind.

  • ADAM

    I just picked up this copy lately and i’m very amazed at the new improved AK-47 military style.

    I give it a 10/10

  • I just picked up my copy of the magazine today. I found this article and fell in love instantly. I have formally updated my list to include this gun.

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