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ARMALITE’s HIGH PROFILE SCOPE MOUNT ArmaLite developed their new High…

ArmaLite developed their new High Profile Scope Mount after their engineers conducted a study to see what height scope mount gives shooters the best sight picture possible. The new 1-inch, 30mm mounts bring the center of the optic up 1.45 inches from the top of the weapon, an increase of 0.2 inches. This one-piece design will hold up to abuse in the field. Eight screws hold your favorite optic to the mount, and two thumbscrews secure the mount to your rifle. For more information, call 800-336-0184 or visit


Now you can use one bullet as a solid, hollow point, or with the Talon tip for long range. The Enhanced System Projectile (ESP) incorporates a doubled-ended BBW#13 nose profile on each end of the bullet. One end is a solid that, when loaded in a cartridge with it sticking out, provides extremely deep penetration. The other end is Cutting Edge’s hollow point design used in their Dangerous Game brass bullets. Cutting Edge also includes the add-on Talon tip, which doubles or triples the ballistic coefficient over the flat-nose BBW#13 nose profile for excellent long-range performance. ESP Raptor bullets are available from .22 to .62 caliber. For more information, call 814-345-6690 or visit

Conditions in the field or on the range can be extremely tough on your Modern Sporting Rifle. Give your rifle a quick, effective cleaning in the field without disassembly, or a thorough cleaning at the bench, with this lightweight system. The MSR/AR Cleaning System is designed to clean and maintain all .223/5.56mm rifles. Included in this system is the Bolt Operational Necessary Equipment (BONE) tool, which is designed specifically to clean the bolt carrier assembly area, as well as the new Mongoose G2, designed for quick field cleaning. For more information, call 800-684-7486 or visit

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