New Ruger SP101 .327 MAG Revolver Review

Not your "little 32,” the New Ruger SP101 .327 MAG revolver gives a genuine magnum punch!

Take the 23-year-old .32 H&R Magnum cartridge, make it longer and ramp it up and you may have the next big thing to hit the self-defense and concealed carry market: the .327 Federal Magnum.

ruger2.gifA collaboration between Federal Cartridge and Ruger, the .327 Federal Magnum was an attempt to get near .357 Magnum power levels with about 20 percent less recoil. Add a sixth shot in the popular Ruger SP101 package and you have a revolver that’s sure to take the CCW market by storm.

Cartridge Details
The first issue was the ammo. ATK, the parent company of Federal and Speer, among other companies, has three loads completed or nearing completion. The first load available, and the only one I was able to work with, was the Federal American Eagle 100-grain JSP. The Federal Premium 85-grain Hydra-Shok and Speer 115-grain Gold Dot HP are to follow.

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