NEW SR-15 E3 IWS 5.56mm

At last count, I think there were more than 30…


At last count, I think there were more than 30 US companies offering AR-15 type rifles. Confusing? You bet! What’s worse is that half of these companies are buying components from supply houses or the companies that actually make them.

knight.gifWhy don’t these companies simply just make complete guns and sell them? Most of them do, but there’s more profit in parts than the complete gun and then there’s less litigation. Furthermore, there are the rumors of components that would not pass inspection being sold instead of being assembled.

This is not to say that most companies who offer complete rifles and carbines on the AR platform make inferior products. On the contrary, the reputable companies whose names are almost household words make outstanding firearms. However, as with everything from frying pans to fighter planes, some are simply better than others. The old adage, “you get what you pay for,” applies as much today as it ever did.

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  • Robert Ball

    now theres a tease, I’ve got one on order but would love to finish this article, can it be bought on-line?…heck its almost a year old, why not just put the whole thing on line. can’t buy the mag at the store so anything else is a real pain in the ……….

  • how do i go about buying just the june 2008 issue of special weapons for military and police? please send me an email letting me know. thanks