New Stealth Semi-Submersible Ship Worries Coast Guard

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  • rob

    This is cool! To bad we can’t build these and sell them to make some money.

    anything cool the damn government bans it!!

  • Jim

    The Colombians need to have trading with the U.S. is driving the development of stealth-like boats. If the boat can haul 9 tons of Cocaine. Along with the possibility of being used by terrorists.

    I would say that someone in Colombia isn’t using all of the “marching powder,” to fry their brain.

    They were able to achieve what the Pentagon and Defence Contractors will not do with out Billions and Billions of tax dollars spent.

    Amazing, out of necessity, someone finds a new way to do something, with out the idea of throwing money at something till you can not conceive the amount of money.

    I would suspect that some defence contractor, is looking for that person, to hire them away from the Cartels.

    I do not fear this type of boat, as potentional terrorists attack. We do have a way of finding these items of interest, we just don’t know about them, because the government keeps all of that classified.