New Tactical Care Teams Aim to Save More lives

Image Source: Kjetil Ree, Wikipedia The U.S. military is enjoying…

Image Source: Kjetil Ree, Wikipedia

The U.S. military is enjoying the highest casualty survival rate in the history of modern warfare, but medical officials believe they can save even more lives by getting advanced care sooner to injured troops.

For nearly a year, a three-member team of Air Force health professionals has successfully evacuated and treated 299 severely wounded troops by taking the emergency department to the injured, and another team is set to stand up in the coming month.

Known as tactical critical care evacuation teams, or TCCET, the teams comprise an emergency medicine or critical care physician, a certified nurse anesthetist and an emergency department nurse or intensive care/critical care nurse. The teams specialize in moving and treating patients who have just been injured and risk dying if emergency treatment isn’t administered immediately.

The first team’s skills are being put to good use quickly as troops continue the fight in Afghanistan, where the improvised explosive device remains the enemy weapon of choice.

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