New tech to keep our soldiers safe .

3D Drone Surveillance Ashima Devices has developed a 3D surveillance…

3D Drone Surveillance
Ashima Devices has developed a 3D surveillance technology for use with the company’s ForceField drones. These small unmanned helicopters can be clipped to a soldier’s standard field-gear kit. When deployed, the drones provide a real-time, 3D view of the battlefield on this handheld computer. Future enhancements include thermal imaging, so troops can see heat signatures from weapons and vehicles.

Slow-Motion Replays
Harris Corp., which developed the slow-mo technology that the NFL uses, has started assisting the Pentagon with a “situational awareness” tracking system. It uses video from military drones and creates a log of battlefield threats — and can even flag one particular enemy troop for closer analysis.

Read more of John Brandon’s roundup at Fox News.

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  • The Ashima Devices stuff is cool. They have a 40mm round that can be fired through a window, and then relays a complete 3D model of the room and its occupants. Sick.