New USMC Assault Vehicle

The Marines have been using amphibious assault vehicles (AAV) since…

The Marines have been using amphibious assault vehicles (AAV) since 1937. They solve a critical amphibious assault problem, which is how to move the attacking force from their ships to the beach and to move them inland if required.

The Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle (EFV) is the USMC’s replacement for their aging AAVs. The mission requirements of the EFV will be to provide a high-speed transport of Marine infantry from ships located beyond the horizon to inland objectives, and to provide an armor-protected land mobility and direct fire support during combat operations.

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    Love your comment! haha

  • Mark

    The gun on the new expeditionary vehicle is a semi-auto 30 millimeter gun. I saw this gun on an episode of Future Weapons. It sounds like an amplified version of the Rifleman’s rifle. I can tell you if our Marines had vehicles like these when they were island hopping in the pacific, alot more Marines would have made it back home.

    And at Normandy too. Can ypou imagine these vehicles opening up on those German pill boxes with these 30 millimeter guns? The coilition forces could have walked on to the beach, made some camp fires, roasted some hotdogs and drank some ice cold beer and no one would have been left to fire a shot at them.

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