New Year’s Day Shootout

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new-years-dayA uniformed police officer spotted a suspicious-looking male cutting through a parking lot of a business park at 11 pm. The officer drove though the lot towards the suspect and stopped about 10 feet from him. When the officer exited the car, the suspect stopped and faced him, but kept his hands in his pockets.

The officer stepped out of his vehicle, using his car door for cover. The officer asked the suspect to take his hands out of his pockets and to see some ID. The suspect didn’t say anything. Getting no response, the officer approached the suspect. The officer was 6’ 5” and 300 pounds while the suspect was only 5’ 8” and 140 pounds; The officer was confident he could physically handle the suspect if necessary.

As the officer approached the suspect, the suspect quickly raised the front of his sweatshirt with one hand and drew his 6-inch barreled .357 revolver with the other. The pistol only held four rounds, but the suspect fired all four into the officer’s chest before the officer could respond. Fortunately for the officer, all four rounds struck his vest, where they stopped. The officer drew his own pistol, fired and killed the suspect. Further research revealed that the suspect had a long history of burglary and prior imprisonment.

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    Holy Shit!, This scumbag drew a concealed (appendix carry) revolver, one handed, presented his Gun, fired off FOUR rounds center mass, all before this Officer even drew his weapon in response? I was not there, and admit to “Armchair QB’ing” this situation. BUT, Damn! was this your typical “scumbag” IE- no formal training, shooting sideways, etc. Or did mr Scumbag train with his weapon system? How about LEO? a rookie? line of sight interupted? What gives? His reaction time in this scenario, seems to be lacking. IMAO.