It is 2013, and fighting season has begun again in…

It is 2013, and fighting season has begun again in Afghanistan. A combined infantry platoon, with GIs dispersed throughout a line of Afghans soldiers in loose formation, treks cautiously into a valley. The patrol must follow a foot trail to reach a small village, the terminus of their march, just two clicks away.

With the point men forward, the main body moves ahead quietly. Just as flankers move downhill to join the unit, gunfire erupts, sweeping the path. Two Afghans are hit immediately and sprawl in the track. Others scatter and hit the ground, desperately seeking cover. An American lieutenant races forward to organize return fire, miraculously evading bullets that stitch the path just behind him. The deadliest fire comes from two positions on either side of the patrol. More experienced GIs immediately recognize the chatter of PKMs, the Russian-made Kalashnikov man-portable machine guns used by insurgents around the world.


The troops, armed with M4 Carbines, quickly shoot back but with little effect. Suddenly, an American gun crew sets up their own machine gun and opens up with a deafening roar, louder and more intense than the PKMs. The GIs fire quick bursts that easily hammer the distant PKM emplacements. As quickly as the ambush began, it stops, with the last echoes of the U.S. machine gun fading like distant thunder.

The LWMMG, with an optical sight and collapsible shoulder stock, feeds belted .338 Norma Magnum ammunition.

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  • Lessing, Ingo

    No need to invent the wheel again: Make it in old & hard german 8×57 caliber of the MG-42. Brutal performance and even available to pick up in 3rd world countries…!

  • Justabout The Gun

    Screw all the Americain hurray, hurray. What’ about the gun man?

  • shotgunnr

    Good old, Hitlers BuzzSaw. Devastating, except for changing the barrels too often.

  • Lessing, Ingo

    In the German Army our new MG-3 (a MG-42 in .308 at 1200 RPM) barrels have a polygonal rifling that gives aditional pressure with less wear. On the unique “Erdziellafette” (Tripd with Scope and the Operator below under cover) we could smash man targets at 1200 meters. A very effective AND cost efficient change that needs no new gun.

  • Jordan,John

    Must concur with Lessing,Ingo. Did 3 years running Fire/Resq Ops in Sarajevo during 1992/95 war. That A/O was awash in weapons from every corner of the globe. Spent more than a little time avoiding MG-42s left over from WW-2. A dangerous, durable and effective weapon if there ever was one….then and now.

  • Evan Williams

    I’ve had a similar idea for a while that took a heavily modified M60 or 240B chambered in .50BMG, that bridged the gap between the these 7.62 GPMGs and the M82/107 rifles, creating a “man-portable” .50 cal long range machine gun with a very low rate of automatic fire. Of course the hybrid MG would be completely unusable without one of the exo-suits the Army has tested due to the weight which probably has to be even heavier than the Barrett’s already hefty 30 lbs with a 20″ barrel in an attempt to tame the recoil. And with the gun weighing somewhere around half of a destroyer, who the hell’s gonna carry the ammo cans? Its too bad because there might just be a place for it in the long range engagements of the Afghan mountains, provided its dropped from a C-130.

  • Lessing, Ingo

    Well; no need to invent the wheel again… Why don’t you get some German MG-42 that are still made in Croatia in the devastating German caliber 8x57mm ??? This bastard machine gun works under ANY climate and rips at 1500 (!) RPM. It fires a 2-5 round burst accurately like one shot of slow poppin MG’s. Your grandpas know and fear it from WW-2…