Mossy Oak musket? That’s right. Traditions has crafted a modern…

Mossy Oak musket? That’s right. Traditions has crafted a modern day flintlock with 21st century touches, .50-caliber firepower and reliability.

Dawn was still more than an hour away when I rolled out of my sleeping bag and peered outside the tent into the darkness. My hunting partner, Will Edwards, and I had paddled into this remote wilderness hotspot two days ago just prior to the blackpowder season opener in upstate New York, giving us most of one day to set up a primitive camp and one full day to scout. We were both confident we would see some action, and maybe even get a shot at one of the mature bucks we figured inhabited the surrounding hills.

We doused the fire after breakfast and set off in opposite directions. I looked back at Will just in time to see him disappear into a thick shoulder-high stand of mountain laurel. Little did I know at the time, but we would both get a chance at a racked buck soon enough.

PA Pellet rifles come dressed with Premium CeraKote finish, which is 50 times more corrosion resistant than stainless steel.

I got to the top of the hill and waited for shooting light before easing my way through the blow-downs and dead snags that littered the hardwood ridge. I had found fresh beds here yesterday, and had no reason to believe the deer would not be soon working their way uphill to this point.

Hornady specially makes the Smackdown SST for Traditions, which employs a plastic sabot for increased accuracy downrange.

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  • Steve Fleming

    Seems he does not appreciate his eyesight either – no shooting glasses

  • Steve Fleming

    Mr. Vaznis seems to like to live dangerously by placing his upper torso over the muzzle of the PA Pellet blackpowder rifle while loading it in the May 2012 issue. I realize the pan is probably empty, but static electricity can set blackpowder off. Shame on him for doing it …shame on you for printing the picture!