The ideal platform for a trained Designated Marksman, the EBR…

The ideal platform for a trained Designated Marksman, the EBR system includes a Leupold optic, six magazines and field maintenance gear.

Imagine a rifle and its attendant training so good that Taliban forces have been forced to modify their tactics. The Designated Marksman program was officially implemented in 2003 by the U.S. Army and has been in high demand ever since. A Designated Marksman is trained to deliver precise, long-range rifle fire out to around 600 yards. Unlike a sniper, DMs maneuver with their squad as normal and can be tasked with long-range shooting and overwatch as needed. Much like the Combat-Lifesaver program, this additional training extends the ability within a squad.

The operating rod guide block makes the M14 barreled action into a monolithic unit. This used to require extensive

As implemented, the Designated Marksman program and qualification calls for as-issue rifles, either an M16A2 with iron sights or M16A4 with optics. Effective long-range shooting is more about marksmanship and know-how than equipment. Issued M16s shooting 5.56mm ball are more than capable of getting consistent hits a half-kilometer away, but enhanced gear helps. Purpose-built M16-based Designated Marksman Rifles made by the Army Marksmanship Unit have been fielded with good results and help make getting those hits easier.

To date, over 6,200 EBRs have been fielded, more than the M110, AMU-built DMR and M24 sniper rifles combined.

A potential problem, especially at extended distances, is the lack of “oomph” the 5.56mm cartridge offers. DMs are charged with engaging enemy targets out to 500 meters and standard-issue rifle ammunition might not cut it. Increasing to 7.62mm potentially affords greater range. It certainly hits harder. While training some of the first units deploying to Iraq in 2004 at Fort Hood, we had many soldiers assigned as Designated Marksmen being outfitted with M14s. While this took care of the power issue, these were simply rack-grade M14 rifles with a mix of aftermarket bolt-on bases and optics.

The Sage stock includes a barrel whip control screw that minimizes barrel vibration and improves accuracy.

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  • Yonkers

    @Zef, apparently Sage didn’t get THAT memo as they are still fulfilling military orders as of Feb. 2013, one reason why you can’t find an EBR chassis anywhere. ASSBAG. Oh, here is a memo you missed directly from this article, “To date, over 6,200 EBRs have been fielded, more than the M110, AMU-built DMR and M24 sniper rifles combined.” Hmmm…

  • Zef

    Why are people still talking about this mod like its new? This was state of the art in ’05-’07, didn’t you get the memo?

    The M110 was fielded to catch up to the ‘problem’ and has been fielded to big army. Small army, aka SF land, picked up the Larue OBR(anyone see the Socom sniper match article in the Sniper Magazine?).

  • Christa

    I purchased an EBR frame assembly from sage and mounted a fully loaded M1A rifle into it. This package makes a sound shooting frame for the rifle.
    As to the comment made by John in his note, these rifles are highly accurate in the right hands, Why not use them. I shoot a WWII M1 Garand and it is still deadly and has range.

  • John

    Come on man, are military has to take 60 year old rifles out of cold storage, because the M-16 (mostly M-4) are complete crap beyond 200 yards. Our troops need to train with 5.56 and a new 7.62×51 chamber rifle.

  • While the EBR’s ARE Wonderfull as are the M110’s, I believe that everyone should be trained up to shooting “Expert” (otherwise they should not Be In Combat Arms!) and provided with a weapon that is highly maneuverable in CQB as well as retain the full 18″ barrel! YES, that means a BullPup in 7.62! With the proper upgrades intergrated into the design and production, an M-14/21 put into one of two readily available bullpup stocks that are already in production, solves the problems of having to choose a weapon that is safe for the user in close quarters, as well as accurate out to 800 meters. Again, With the proper upgrades intergrated into the design and production, GI proofing, etc… even the Kel-Tec RFB could be the Best Choice. Recommendations: Highly Lapping all parts, especially the ramp, chamber, and bore. NiB-X coatings with dry film lubricants, outside Cerakoted with GEN II for color/cammo… and more state of the art optics.

  • Eddie Roark

    I wish I could have one.After 50 years the old m14 is still hard to beat.