More than just a pretty gun, this collaboration between Nighthawk…

More than just a pretty gun, this collaboration between Nighthawk and AAC offers suppressor-ready firepower with performance that matches the looks.

When two industry leaders like Nighthawk Custom and Advanced Armament Corporation decide to collaborate on a project, the end results can only be described as unique. Both companies have earned a share of their respective markets, with AAC being one of the dominant forces in the suppressor market and Nighthawk Custom producing some of the best production/custom 1911s available. Last year, AAC approached Nighthawk with the idea of producing a suppressor-ready 1911 that incorporated the quality of Nighthawk with the personality of AAC. The project piqued my interest, and I called Mark Stone at Nighthawk, who was able to grab one off the production line for this article.

The Nighthawk AAC .45 offers a combination of features, both functional and cosmetic, that are reminiscent of high end, custom shop one-off guns.

Gun Details
The basic foundation of the AAC 1911 model is pure Nighthawk— a full size, 5-inch Government model that is built around the quality Nighthawk forged frame and slide. As is customary with all Nighthawk pistols, the frame and slide are precision-fitted and hand-lapped. The operating controls on the AAC Custom include an aluminum trigger with an adjustable overtravel stop, an extended magazine release, a single-sided extended safety, and well-fitted beavertail grip safety with a speed bump. The frontstrap and the beavertail have each been relieved to provide a higher and improved purchase on the pistol. The slide stop is designed with a pronounced ledge to improve manipulation when releasing a locked slide or manually locking the slide to the rear. Having run a Nighthawk GRP Recon while wearing gloves, I came to appreciate this minor but effective design change.

The AAC also features the unique Nighthawk T3-style magazine well extension that offers an extended and flared surface on each side of the magazine well—including the rear. The side of the extension tapers toward the frontstrap and matches the contour of the magazine’s extended baseplate. This design is very functional while offering a lower profile than the popular S&A magazine wells. It is also an attractive addition.

nighthawk-aac-45-acp-cThe serrations on the top of the slide and the pattern of the cocking serrations are taken from the M4-2000 suppressor. The clean lines and smooth edges are evident.

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