FIRST LOOK: NIGHTHAWK’s Remington 870 Tactical Shotgun

Nighthawk Custom announces a new line of Tactical Shotguns, starting…

Nighthawk Custom announces a new line of Tactical Shotguns, starting with the introduction of the Remington 870. The shotgun actions are reworked for a smoother and faster action. A fully adjustable and protected ghost ring rear sight and a protected front sight is installed with the customer’s choice of red fiber optics ortritium insert.

The standard version comes fit with Hogue rubber over-molded stocks, but a five position folding butt stock with rubber pad is available. A side-saddle shell carrier made from a solid billet of hard anodized aluminum comes standard with the customer’s choice of four or six rounds. The finish is Nighthawk Custom’s Perma Kote which is available in Black, Sniper Gray or OD Green. Perma KoteTM is a proprietary ceramic based finish used by Nighthawk on all of it’s custom 1911s. Base price is $1249.95.

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  • Bob

    Thats correct kyle… we Marines do use benellis. As do all the SEALs and SAS I’ve worked with through JSOC.

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  • Kyle

    Don’t the marines use the benelli M1014? And isn’t that more expensive than both the Mossberg and the Remington put together

  • Geromy

    Just because the Marines use Mossbergs doesn’t mean much. The Army used and still uses Mossbergs and has since at least the Vietnam Conflict, but it doesn’t mean they were chosen for any other reason aside from cost. If the military was concerned about quality, they’d be using Glocks or at least Sigs over those junky old Berettas, they’d be using a modern bullpup instead of the highly outdated AR-15 platform assault rifles, etc.

    USMC uses Mossberg, that’s fine. They do work, but I can list a number of flaws with Mossbergs. The CIA, FBI and Secret Service all use a Remington 870 or a modded version of it, elite counter-terrorist groups like the GSG-9, EKO COBRA, S.A.S. and the SEALs all employ Remington 870s, among many other elite groups. These are organizations that generally DO choose the best weapon designs possible, because they need to arm smaller groups of highly trained personnel, compared to the Marines or Army who need to supply hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of grunts.

    They’re both fine shotguns and perform well. Major criticisms of the Mossbergs are the heavy trigger, gritty and rough pumping action and dinky aluminum receiver. The 870 has none of these problems, as it has a nice crisp trigger, very fluid and smooth action and it and an all steel receiver.

    I have owned Mossberg 5XX series shotguns and Remington 870 shotguns in my life and I definitely prefer the 870 A LOT more. Both are very reliable guns, but the 870 has a lot of icing on the cake, whereas the Mossberg is just a plain old sponge cake. Everyone loves cake, but most of us love it more with icing!

  • Dion

    I know I’m a little late with this, as I’m replying to scott’s msg from May 15th, 2008. “Another poor quality knockoff of a quality Wilson product……. original thought” ?!?!?!?!?!?!? 1st scott, Nighthawk started with the guys who made Wilson (the big custom house, not Bill Wilson the custom pistolsmith) known for quality. 2nd, nothing on Wilson’s list of custom firearms is “original”. Many very talented smiths have been making any one of these guns more reliable and accurate for a whole lot longer than Wilson. And furthermore, I’d care to wager that you’ve never even laid hand on any piece ever worked on by a smith from Nighthawk Custom.

  • Don

    LTC! Its called Price point. I am sure you know that cheaper is generally the watchword for Govt. Purchasing agents. I used both the Mossberg and the 870 in the Corp from 72-76 and both worked well but the 870 inspired more confidence everytime I racked it. Remingtom cannot compete with the price for 500’s and 590’s so they stick to Police sales. Who really cares, if it fires first, everytime, its moot huh?

  • broncos fan

    comparing a $200 mossburg to a $1000 + wilson piece is rediculous. i have several wilson products and they are a far superior. the remington 870 is a great platform to start from for any manufacturer.

  • Scott

    Hey great, I have been waiting for Nighthawk to make another poor quality knockoff of a quality Wilson product. Hey Nighthawk, why don’t you try having an original thought some day.

    • LTC

      Well, I don’t know about the “great” quality of wilson. Their parts are great but they trashed a commander sent to them to “enhance”. To be honest. Mossberg has already done this with their Tactical, and at a more affordable price. Wonder why the Marine Corps has been using Mossbergs over Remingtons for years?
      I’ve been using Mossbergs as teaching tools with no failures for 20 years. Not so with Remingtons.
      second only to Winchester ;97’s and Mod 12’s.
      So live with it and buy what works, not what is trendy and cool.

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