Nighthawk Tactical Shotgun Review

Read our perspective on the Nighthawk Tactical after performing a shotgun test.


Nine .33 caliber projectiles or a one ounce slug can have devastating ballistic impact upon a criminal suspect bent on your destruction.  Since most police gunfights are measured in feet not yards and the vast majority take place inside 21 feet, a double aught shotgun blast looks more like a large single “rat” hole than nine separate holes.  The energy dumped into a target by a 12 gauge slug is awesome.  Yes, it is more “high speed / low drag” to talk about tactical carbines today but the 12 gauge shotgun has served the police and military for years and offers a large variety of options from effective anti-personnel rounds such as the 00 buck and slugs, to less-lethal bean bag rounds and chemical munitions, to specialty door breaching rounds (even the new Taser® EXREP – Extended Range Electronic Projectile).  The scattergun is not fading away anytime soon and with an updated shotgun from Nighthawk Custom® the shotgun’s future is looking good.

nh-6.gifYeah, it looks good and has some great custom options but how does it shoot?  Well let me put it to you this way – it’s a great shooter.  I ran this pump gun with a variety of different bird, buck and slug loads and it didn’t have a hiccup.  I shot it on multiple targets and on the move at narcotics search warrant speed, I shot at targets near and far and the Nighthawk Custom Tactical Shotgun simply delivered.  My firearms co-instructors couldn’t believe the gun’s rate of fire and accuracy potential.

Nighthawk Custom has taken a plain Jane shotgun and improved and updated it so that this devastating weapon can be even more effective.  All the things that should have been done, have been done with their product.  They’ve blown the dust off an old and reliable design and made it combat effective for today’s tactical operator. For a more in-depth review, make sure to read the November 2008 issue of GUNS & WEAPONS FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT!

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  • I can’t believe this b.s. I was looking for a gun review and have to listen to this crap about religion and race. By the way I am white, lets talk gun reviews seriously!

  • Winterborne

    The only thing I read that is an actual review of the shotgun in question is “Well let me put it to you this way – it’s a great shooter.” Other than that, a lotta talky-talk that reminds of an episode of”The View.”
    Its sad that a troll in the comment section generated more interest.

  • Oscar

    OK, how about a review of the Nighthawk anyone, that’s the reason I landed here.

  • Efrain Ruiz

    I am using my real name instead of an Alias because I am not afraid of my convictions.
    First: Witness 4 God, race and gender have nothing to do with gun ownership or its responsible use by law abiding citizens that want to protect their homes, families, neighbors and belongings. Whether intruder, thief, drug dealer, drug user or Tribulation, I will be ready to defend myself.
    Second: Advocate for Self defense, I can tell you from my perspective that the color of your skin or place of residence does not matter. I have been on the other end of a pistol a few times and the finger on the trigger has been both brown and white. I am not trying to spark a debate, I am just saying that if you want to prevail in a situation where firearms are needed then you need not be weary of the color of the skin but the intentions of the person in front of you.
    Third: HAHA, read what I wrote to advocate, and just for your edification not all people of color obtain there firearms illegally.
    Fourth: Neutral, Thank you for being the voice of sanity in this miasma of comments.
    Lastly, can anyone point me in the right direction; I am military and have used the Mossberg for many years but am looking for something a little more user friendly for home defense that can have all the tactical accoutrements attached without sacrificing usability? Thank you for your help and or suggestions.

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  • Neutral

    It’s too bad that a hardware review gets turned into a religious debate, complete with racial slurs and the like.
    These things (guns) are tools, just like Bibles, screwdrivers, and words. Try to keep your comments relevant.
    Your dislike for the intended use of a tool is not useful to anyone, and is about as important to this discussion as the mis-use of a screwdriver to pick toast out of a toaster.
    If you people can’t restrain yourself in the simple context of a web site, how do you behave when something serious confronts you?

  • haha

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    Witness 4 God,

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  • Witness 4 God

    White men with their weapons of death and all other races behind bars.
    Know this brother. The Tribualtion starts soon and in only about 7 years it will be over and we will all have to account face-to-face with God for our actions. Thrown down your weapons & tactical field manuals and pick up your Bibles and start loving all your fellow man including your enemies while you still can.