NIGHTHAWK’s Custom Tactical Rifles

Nighthawk Custom proudly announces their new line of custom tactical…

Nighthawk Custom proudly announces their new line of custom tactical rifles. Dedicated to the long-range tactical enthusiast and law enforcement professional, the tactical rifles come with a choice of bolt-on or integral rail, both with 20 MOA for serious long range shooting. (40 MOA available upon request) A variety of calibers, including the venerable 338 Lapua, are also available. Tactical stock choice is Manner’s Composite due to their strength and rigidity (65% fiberglass / 35% carbon fiber). Triggers and Safeties are Jewell Precision. Broughton barrels with canted-land rifling are proprietary, and carry the 5c trademark, which signifies that the steel has been stress relieved a total of five times during the manufacturing process. Each barrel has been hand-lapped. Options include: muzzle brakes, suppressors, barrel fluting and camouflage finishes in woodland, desert or various digital patterns. Complete rifle / scope packages are available using Nightforce or Leupold scopes. LE Agency pricing is also available upon request.

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