NJ Defense Co. Awarded $797,400 Contract from the Marine Corps Systems Command

Marlton, NJ - Dynamic Defense Materials, LLC (DDM) announces that…

Marlton, NJ – Dynamic Defense Materials, LLC (DDM) announces that on December 8, 2009, they have received a contract award in the amount of $797,400 to supply its patent pending portable armored wall system, McCurdy’s Armor, to the United States Marine Corps.  McCurdy’s Armor is a fully fortified guard post that can be set up by three Marines using no hand tools or heavy equipment in about ten minutes.

The Marines will use the gear as rapidly deployed guard posts in their missions in Afghanistan and Iraq. These posts are to be delivered in DDM-M105 trailers and once fielded can be used for vehicle checkpoints, entry control points and observation posts.

“DDM is very proud to be given this opportunity to help protect those that are in harm’s way in Afghanistan and Iraq”, said Joe Dimond, DDM’s Product Specialist and 10-year Marine vet. “We are glad that we can take some of the combat lessons learned in the past and use them to save lives of Marines and Soldiers in the future. We know that operations really intensify in the spring as the enemy leaves their winter hideouts to ramp up attacks, so DDM is putting all our resources in place to make certain that McCurdy’s Armor is delivered well before the scheduled March 12 request date in the hopes of getting the gear in place to ward off these threats.”

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