November 2011

FEATURES LONE WOLF 9mm CARBINE by Paul Markel Glock mag-fed…



LONE WOLF 9mm CARBINE by Paul Markel
Glock mag-fed carbine mates perfectly with issued handguns for street-proven firepower!

PARA USA TTR SBR 5.56mm by David Bahde
Short Barreled Rifle that’s an ultra-compact CQB/entry duty powerhouse!

BATES & DITTUS UBL-37 by Scott W. Wagner
M203-style 37mm launcher that will meet LE’s specialty munitions needs!

TIKKA T3 SCOUT CTR .308 by Tom Beckstrand
Premium sharpshooter’s Compact Tactical Rifle for urban SWAT operations!

STAG ARMS 1L 5.56mm PLUS PACKAGE by Michael O. Humphries
Tough Mil-Spec enhancement package developed for U.S. Gov’t agency use!

SIG SAUER P290 9x19mm by Richard Mann
Miniature powerhouse ready to pull backup or deep-cover duty!

RUGER SR-556E 5.56mm by Dave Spaulding
Essential duty/patrol AR — everything you need and nothing you don’t!

STEVENS 350 SECURITY 12 GA by D.K. Pridgen
Duty-ready tactical shotgun that offers unrivaled performance in its class!


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