NYPD officers fatally shoot man waving kitchen knife in Times Square (video).

A deranged knife-wielding man was gunned down by police near…

A deranged knife-wielding man was gunned down by police near Times Square Saturday after a bizarre backward chase in broad daylight that sent terrified tourists scrambling for safety.

The dreadlocked madman was fatally shot at 3 p.m. on a Seventh Ave. sidewalk after ignoring orders to drop his 11-inch butcher knife — and then menacingly lunged at cops, police said.

The 51-year-old suspect, identified as Darrius Kennedy, was walking backward for seven blocks with cops in pursuit, appeared impervious to police pepper spray and refused to surrender his blade, witnesses said.

“He looked like he was crazy,” said Jalloh Osman, 26, who joined a crowd of onlookers watching the strange showdown at the corner of W. 37th St. “They sprayed him, and he kept going backwards.

Source: Rich Schapiro , Rocco Parascandola,. Larry Mcshane for NY Daily News.

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  • Really?

    Really “Good Wolf”? You call an 11inch butchers knife a “butter” knife? Way to skew the truth. These police officers are beat officers. They don’t carry around beanbag shotguns and tazers. He was pepper sprayed 6 times. That should have been his damn clue to drop the knife.

    And “Jman” Every Beat Officer can not carry around a beanbag shot gun. Thats the purpose of pepper spray. 6 damn times they tried to use a less-lethal approach and he failed to comply. They followed him and attempted to get him to disarm for 8 whole city blocks. It takes some time to go 8 city blocks. The police didn’t just show up and start shooting. And a web gun? Really? Are we hunting wild animals? Get your head out of the movies! Only had a knife? I bet you wouldn’t be saying “only a knife” if he was pointing it at you.

  • Good Wolf

    “He refused to put down his butter knife.” And we give him 12 rounds of 9mm ammo instead of a Taser and cuffs since we’re surrounded by a half dozen NYPDs. You guys must not have any other skills.

  • Jman

    All I have to say is what happend to all our money going to less leathal tactics??? this is Where a city/county took away the citizens right to cary a gun because it is so deadly but in the hands of their own police force it is okay to kill a knife welding man instead of…. bean bag shotgun rounds or oc spray/oc gun bulets, even stun gun or that web gun that surrounds him in a trap that he can not get out?? why shoot him when he only had a knife?? Very confused in today’s society just saying anyone listening?????………