Ohio State University study: Video games can teach firearm accuracy, headshot proficiency.

In the study, participants fired 16 "bullets" at a 6-foot-tall…

In the study, participants fired 16 “bullets” at a 6-foot-tall mannequin target covered in hard velcro. Particpants shot from a distance of 20 feet. In this case, the particpant made two head shots and five shots to the body. Image courtesy of Brad Bushman, Ohio State University.

Just 20 minutes of playing a violent shooting video game made players more accurate when firing a realistic gun at a mannequin – and more likely to aim for and hit the head, a new study found.

Players who used a pistol-shaped controller in a shooting video game with human targets had 99 percent more completed head shots to the mannequin than did participants who played other video games, as well as 33 percent more shots that hit other parts of the body.

They then spent 20 minutes playing one of three different video games: a violent shooting game with realistic human targets that rewarded head shots (Resident Evil 4); a nonviolent shooting game with bull’s-eye targets (the target practice game in Wii Play); or a nonviolent, non-shooting game (Super Mario Galaxy).

Read the rest of Ohio State University’s study here.

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