Introduced at the 2008 IACP in San Diego, CA, was…


Introduced at the 2008 IACP in San Diego, CA, was a LE version of their highly regarded “SandCat,” a multi-role ballistically protected vehicle. This vehicle is highly maneuverable that can be reconfigured to fit many different missions. Its use of a commercial chassis and kitted hull allows for more efficient manufacture and repair. The unique window configuration allows a wider field of view than other armored vehicles without giving up ballistic protection. Spall liners are built within the armored shell to capture projectiles that might enter the interior as a result of an external blast. The V-shaped belly deflector accepts the impact of mine blasts while directing lethal energy away from the vehicle. Suspended seats minimize acceleration forces to the passengers and prevent contact between crew and the vehicle’s belly during a blast impact.

Tactical Features include:
116-in. wheelbase
38-degree approach angle
30-degree departure angle
19.7-ft. turning radius
13-in ground clearance
Maximum (governed) speed of 74.6 mph

For more information, visit www.oshkoshcorporation.com.


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    You prepare for the fights you don’t want an the situations you can’t imagine. For the record I live in New Orleans, and its really not that bad.

  • James McLaughlin

    Got a few pics of this model in Albertons Parking Lot — Spokane Valley, WA. today. Impressive lookin rig…definately caught my eye as well as the 20 or so other people that were taking snap shots of it. No CITY or STATE insig on the vehicle .. again under the same understanding it was there for demonstration purposes.

  • Kat of Oklahoma City

    I saw one of these today on the trailer bed of a semi on the highway. It had ‘SWAT’ painted on it, but no city or state emblems, so idk if it was here for use or for show…

  • brandon

    Hey nightstalker more protection the better

  • TTSoyale

    Inanity can be amusing sometimes. Like… how would one even get to this moronic question? Especially as we all know how armed criminals are. But it does not matter. Even if only 5% of them would be armed, what would you do, if you are the one who has to sit in that vehicle? Trying to find out how much protection you exactly need, to barely keep you away from certain death, or you’d be like: Protect ourselves as much as we can, the more times we are over the needed limit, the better off we are? Unfortunately, I have the firm belief, you’d go with option A. Yes, you are that dumb 🙁

  • Lt_Scrounge

    Hmmm, I’d say Sheriff Joe Arpaio would want one for the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, but it would be a step down from the APC he currently has. We have on bad ass Sheriff’s Dept. And the liberals hate it.

  • Ralph

    Personally I’d love to have one of these for use at the nightclub I work at.

  • Jeff

    Nightstalker –

    As 9Rockr noted, LA could have used one in North Hollywood; Lancaster and Palmdale CA have huge populations of parolees with a resultant huge crime rate – including those who don’t want to go back to prison and are willing to shoot it out, the three strikes thing. Why that is of course is a wonderment as CA has very restrictive gun laws.

    El Paso TX has an on going border war with Mexican drug cartels.

    Dallas and Huston TX not to mention those cities who have outlawed guns but yet – amazingly are the murder by gunshot capitals of the country:
    New York City
    Washington DC.

    My suggestion is to make friends with a couple of beat coppers and find out what is really going on in your own town/city. Maybe even go on a ride along some Friday or Saturday night. Bear in mind that there is real risk associated with doing that. If you are a sheep, might be something you should avoid. But if you have a bit of sheepdog blood in you, it would be something to do.

    If you don’t know what I mean by sheep vs sheepdog, Google “On Sheep, Wolves and Sheepdogs” by Dave Grossman. An excellent presentation of our rolls in society. It won’t take you long to pick which of the three you are.

  • Nightstalker said: “Please tell me which police department in the United States needs this much protection…”. How about New Orleans, which is more dangerous than either Detroit or Newark, or El Paso, or Laredo, or any of a dozen border towns. And probably a good bit of the rest of the USA soon if the drug dealers continue to escalate their territorial wars. As utopian as we would like to feel, fact is that the thugs are setting the rules, and this vehicle is good defense for the cops. Did you see the cops running FROM the gunfire at Va tech? Regular cops are not going to put their lives on the line. They’ll wait for something like the SandCat. After all they are not Firemen. They will assess the situation and stay safe until they have armored protection. This vehicle will keep things safer for the citizen.

  • 9Rockr

    North Hollywood could have used one

  • Chris

    Have you paid attention to some shootings that have happened in the previous 20 years? Many major cities are being faced with offenders who will shoot back with rifles instead of just pistols. Granted they don’t make up a large percent of shootings but its still something to look at.

    These could also be good for border control in the rougher terrain areas where they are being shot at almost daily.

  • Nightstalker

    Please tell me which police department in the United States needs this much protection…