Our Troops Need Your Help!

In 2003, a small group of U.S. police snipers formed…

In 2003, a small group of U.S. police snipers formed a support network called “Adopt A Sniper.” Their intent was assisting the operational equipment needs of U.S. military snipers deployed abroad in the war on terror. The organization is now known as AmericanSnipers.org and has grown substantially in its reach and efforts. But don’t stop reading; they need your help now more than ever!

sniper2.jpgHow It Works: AmericanSnipers.org makes no distinction between the actual fully trained and equipped sniper teams and the designated marksmen of the mechanized, tanker and cavalry units. These designated marksmen are often tasked with prevention of IED deployments and are essentially performing a sniper’s job without the training and ancillary gear associated with the infantry sniper MOS. Often they’re assigned to a Stryker or other non-infantry unit and equipped with an M14 rifle, which is often older than their parents. Due to their unit type, sniper-related gear is not on their Modified Table of Equipment. These troops often literally do something with nothing and amazingly so, they get it done, regardless of the obstacles.

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