Pacific Air Forces Airmen deploy to Japan to aid relief efforts.

Tech. Sgt. Andrew Dunn, 15th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron crew chief,…

Tech. Sgt. Andrew Dunn, 15th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron crew chief, conducts a pre-flight maintenance inspection before departing on a humanitarian mission to Japan Mar. 12 at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii. The plane will visit various Air Force bases in Japan during its mission to to provide support for Japan relief efforts in the wake of tsunami and earthquake damage there. (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Nathan Allen)

A C-17 Globemaster III carrying a team of Pacific Air Force Airmen departed here March 12 to support ongoing disaster relief efforts in Japan.

The team of approximately 25 Airmen from a variety of Air Force specialties, traveled to Yokota Air Base, Japan, where they will provide support to efforts underway to support the government of Japan.

The aircraft also was loaded with several generators, which will be used in the support efforts.

“First and foremost our prayers are with Japan,” said Brig. Gen. Scott West, the 13th Air Force vice commander, who departed with the team. “They are resilient and capable. (But) we’ll be there so long as our allies ask us to.”

Lt. Col. Rocky Favorito, the commander of the 374th Communications Squadron at Yokota AB, was on temporary duty at Joint Base Hickam when the 8.9 magnitude earthquake and resulting tsunami struck. He returned to Yokota AB with the C-17 team, excited to get home and help.

“Today I’m proud to be in the U.S. Air Force,” Colonel Favorito said.

The colonel said that his squadron had just completed an exercise, so they were ready for the real-world response.

Such enthusiasm to help the Japanese people was shared by all the Airmen onboard the aircraft.

Source: USAF

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  • General Jim M

    The US military should not be a relief operation for the world,are we ever reimbursed? we are trillions of dollars in the red but we can spend billions to bail out any country that has a natural disaster or a civil war.The US military should not be tasked with saving the world.Lest we forget,a military is a fighting machine,not the Red Cross.What will they say to the Navy guys who end up with cancer? The Japanese are not our friends,they are a former brutal enemy who have a trade deficit with America.They are richer than we are.During 9-11 and Katrina what nations actually sent material help to the USA? Obama is turning the US military into habitat for humanity.