Pakistan wants to cut CIA drone strikes, personnel.

The Pakistani government would like the CIA's aggressive drone campaign…

The Pakistani government would like the CIA’s aggressive drone campaign “suspended” and only resumed under “new rules” and “formalized terms,” according to a Pakistani military official familiar with discussions between the two nations.

Only then, in the instances where there was “compelling evidence” that a militant “high value target” had been located and that the operation was jointly coordinated between Pakistan and the United States, would the Pakistani government sanction a drone strike in the future, the official said.

The Pakistani official pointed out that there have been more than 100 reported CIA drone strikes in Pakistan in 2010 — a record number — yet almost no one killed in these strikes were “high value targets,” such as leaders in al-Qaeda or allied militant groups. Instead, the official said, the vast majority of the victims of the strikes have been militant foot soldiers or civilians.

Source: Peter Bergen for CNN.

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  • AngryWhiteMale

    Who gives a falling down F%*@ what pakistan wants?

  • Nate

    Look at the source of who is reporting this!!! Of course CNN would report civilians are getting killed!!! The reason the Pakistani officials are calling them “civilians” is because we are killing some of their friends who have been paid by Al Queda to do such acts like, Buying supplies at the market for the Terrorists. So that simple act right there is helping out the terrorists and if the CIA finds out about it, guess what, a drone flies over head and they get whats coming to them!! I know civilians may have been causulties also, thats WAR people. I’ve seen how the Al Queda work in Fallujah. So this is first hand experience im talking about!
    Forget the media. You want real news, go to the blogs that Have been set up by guys with boots on the ground like “Battle Rattle.” That is 1st hand no agenda truth telling!