Palm Pistol .38 Special (video)

The Palm Pistol® is an ergonomically innovative single shot defensive…

The Palm Pistol® is an ergonomically innovative single shot defensive firearm chambered in .38 special that may be fired using either hand without regard to orientation of the stock. Suited for home defense, concealed carry or as a backup gun. It is also ideal for seniors, disabled or others who may have limited strength or manual dexterity. Using the thumb instead of the index finger for firing, it significantly reduces muzzle drift, one of the principle causes of inaccurate targeting. Point and shoot couldn’t be easier.

Key Features

-Uses thumb instead of index finger to fire
-Optional Picatinny rail for accessorizing
-Designed for LaserLyte Subcompact V2 laser sight
-Loaded chamber indicator
-Cocked striker indicator
-Easy breech access and loading
-Dual independently operable grip safeties
-Discreet concealment
ATF classified as standard “pistol”

For more detailed information, read the Palm Pistol Specification.

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  • Mr.Pimms

    I agree with Sanchez……why not make it in .50 cal. ha ha ha ha

  • Mr.Pimms

    Look DUMB! as well as the state of the art drop test thingy. I wonder if his wife knows he is using her bed sheets?

  • JH

    Wasnt it supposed to be 9mm?

  • Eric

    I respectfully disagree with your last posting. The ATF classified it as a “standard pistol.” If they approved it, why should you get so upset? How does the “Conservative” Media come into play? Fox tends to be “Pro-2nd Amendment,” not “Anti.” What is the issue with Kel-Tec? They are hardly a “zip gun” maker? What makes police use as a “back-up” gun different from that of a private person? Why should “caliber” or “gauge” matter, unless “bystanders” are an issue? Use of a firearm is “deadly force,” but, then, use of a screw-driver is, too, if one is using it “in the gravest extreme.” People are the ones who are arrested for crimes, and they are arrested for self-defense, which they must prove as a legitimate “affirmative defense.” The people who are “Anti” simply attack everything – not just this product, which may be the “only option” for a crippled person. Think about it: there are people who are victimized, and this product may be all they can safely operate. Not trying to antagonize you, but I think your posting warrants challenge.

  • david sanchez

    WHY??? Look, I’m as big a gun enthusiast as anyone, firearms instructor, NRA member, the works….But WHY this needs to exist….I don’t fold to the Anti-gun nuts, I am not politically correct. But this is pure trouble, an accident looking to happen, a wait til the press gets a hold of it….This is a covert military tool, and undercover cop “oh shit” back up….This is not a “for public consumption” gun. This just gives the anti-gun nuts, conservative media and anyone else with an anti-gun agenda pure reason to get stupider. What, derringers, keltecs, lccp’s, lcr’s, etc aren’t enough….Looks like the perfect gamg banger gun,,,,As gun people we need to be smarter than this. I know that while I am detaining someone, I definately don’t want to run into one of these. Saturday nite specials, pocket guns, wallet guns, prison shooters, let alone regular guns are enough. Anyone remember the sierra club anti off-road vehicle 12 gauge buried $10 zip gun…This isn’t nothing but a production zip gun…