Para USA 14-45 Black Ops .45 ACP 1911 Pistol Review

The Para USA 14-45 Black Ops .45 ACP pistol is a mega-capacity 1911 ready for tactical operations!

Carrying 14+1 rounds of .45 ACP, the Para Black Ops brings an exceptional amount of firepower to the fight. Fitted with a SureFire X400 laser/light, this 1911 is ready for virtually any scenario.

The Black Ops is a new series of 1911-style pistols designed for covert tactical operators, featuring Para USA’s new all black bonded Ionbond finish. This tough new finish is non-reflective and extremely durable. Even the match-grade barrel sports the new finish. “Travis Tomasie, a former U.S. Army Sergeant and world champion action shooter, has shot thousands of rounds through one of the Para USA match-grade barrels with the new Ionbond finish,” said Para USA. “After the Tomasie torture test, the barrel showed almost no signs of usage on its non-reflective surface.”

Three new Black Ops models have been introduced in Para USA’s 2012 line. The all-steel 14-45 Black Ops tested here gives operators a high-capacity .45 ACP pistol with fixed combat type night sights.

Gun Details

The new Black Ops design follows the tradition of the Limited series of pistols that Tomasie is currently campaigning in USPSA/IPSC competition. For the tactical operator, these pistols are built on a new frame design with an integral light rail.


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  • konatriman

    the glock 21 gen 4 is also a great option, although i am really digging the para p-14 black ops!

  • Tom Pavlock

    Can’t wait for this issue to come out. They can say how heavy, bulky, etc the 45acp is but I go nowhere without my Kimber Ultra Ten II. Time for a gun with the stopping power and bigger capacity.