PARACLETE ARMOR’s Plate Carrier with Cumberbund

  This plate carrier system and body armor is a…


This plate carrier system and body armor is a response to calls from the field for a more flexible and versatile armor system. It features neck, throat, arm, side back and frontal armor protection that is pieced together for greater flexibility. M.O.L.L.E. straps are sewn throughout to give this carrier an infinite number of options for accessories. A pull tab on the chest offers the operator a breakaway system that permits quick extraction from vehicles and tight areas. This system, proven in combat with the military, is being adapted for law enforcement in 2009.

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  • kenny

    the old team is back in with Tim leading the way!
    it’s now called XPX ARMOR & EQUIPMENT (910)904 0027 925 DOC BROWN RD RAEFORD N.C. 28376

  • SGT Davidson

    Our Law Enforcement Agency has had nothing but trouble from Paraclete Armor sine MSA aquired them. I would have to advise both military and law enforcement customers to not purchase equipment from MSA-Paraclete. My partner and I were driving down I-95 and stopped by the factory to discuss our issues and again this is not the first time I have been there but it has been at least 2 years. When I walked out to the manufacturing floor I was shocked at how few people were working there. Must have been 30 or less. I asked our sales rep where everyone was and we were told this is it all the nylon products are now outsourceed and there are plans to build only soft armor in the facility. I asked what happened to all the people and he stated they have been let go or laid off. I was told that the orginal team that made Paraclete successful have either left the company or been released so MSA could put their own staff in. Well it is easy to see why we had so many problems after our visit since now we know none of the products are made by Paraclete but are subed out. Hard to understand how MSA could mess up such a good tactical company. No wonder ICE is having nightmares over sewing and sizing issues. Paraclete does not even make the products. I do not suggest anyone buy from MSA since they have totally messed up Paraclete and screwed all those people that use to work there.