PARA’s Tactical Target Rifle (PTTR)

Para USA’s new Para Tactical Target Rifle (PTTR) is unique…


Para USA’s new Para Tactical Target Rifle (PTTR) is unique among AR-type rifles because it has a butt stock that’s adjustable for length of pull and can also fold to the left side for storage. This is allowed by placing the recoil spring in front of the upper receiver along with a special operating rod and an abbreviated gas tube. Offered in three styles and different barrel lengths, the PTTR also uses a high performance extractor and shares many parts in common with the AR-15. Topped off with folding backup iron sight (BUIS), a full-length top rail and a 1-in-9-inch hard chrome bore match barrel, the new PTTR should draw a large crowd. For information, visit

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  • Lee

    What’s best lower receiver tha fits best with the TTR upper, anybody?

  • Ron Wilcox

    Will it be avalible with a non-folding stock?,if not how easy is it to change to a magpul?

  • ZM?

    Um, that’s just a ZM Rifle. They’ve been around for a long time. I heard that someone bought them out. It must have been Para

  • Once the Para Tactical Target Rifle is in production in 2009 and the back orders for those are filled there are plans to offer complete top end assemblies.

    The top end assemblies will fit standard AR lowers in most instances. This will allow you to have all the advantages of the DIGS top end which is exclusive to the Para Tactical Target Rifle.

  • Al

    Sounds good I wonder if we can do bbl swaps with standard AR bbls? Or perhaps caliber changes?

  • ADAM