PARATECH’s Buster Tool

The new Buster Tool from Paratech is the perfect compact…

The new Buster Tool from Paratech is the perfect compact forcible entry tool. Specially designed for fire department officers- it has the versatility and rugged strength to assist in doing what needs to be done on the fire ground.

This lightweight, yet powerful tool can force entry or exit in most interiors, open walls or remove baseboards to check fire spread. The Buster Tools extended and locked claw assembly can be used for close quarters chopping or for added prying leverage.

EMT’s and Paramedics can benefit from the Buster Tool also. Low damage forcible entry to reach incapacitated victims is now possible before assist units arrive on the scene.

The Buster Tool is available with your choice of two claws: compact and standard. The compact claw will pry windows, light door frames, enlarge openings in sheet metal and pull nails. The standard claw does all of the above and can be used for gas shut off, prying open larger doors and removing hinges from doors.

In the Aviation industry the Buster Tool is also used as a cockpit crash axe and exceeds (SAE) Aerospace Standard (AS) 5402 which specifies the design and performance criteria for aircraft axes.

Paratech has always been a leader in the design of rugged and reliable forcible entry tools and the new Buster Tool continues that tradition.

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  • Mike

    We have had these on our ALS engines and rescues for years. They dont get used. The standard haligan and flat head axe are all you need.

  • Dropkick

    This could be something that becomes mandatory if it can be proven to be useful on armored vechicles. As an EMT working overseas I fear the day I have to try to gain access into a burning and locked armored Hummer or SUV.