Patrol Rifle Precision

Spring brought to the Midwest an event known as the…

Spring brought to the Midwest an event known as the National Patrol Rifle Conference. Several hundred armed professionals from around the United States converged on the Detroit, MI metro area to sharpen their minds, bodies and skills as modern gun fighters. These modern gun fighters are professional, ethical, caring, self sacrificing and dedicated individuals who have sworn to serve and protect the innocent to the best of their ability, and to do the right things for the correct reasons. These modern gun fighters are better known as the dedicated men and women of American law enforcement.

patrolprecisionThis three-day event focused on testing and equipping law enforcement in the relevant skills, use and policy of the patrol rifle. The participants were given an opportunity to test their gun-fighting skills on day one, during five different evolutions of fire. Each of these events was based on real-world incidents where the patrol rifle had been employed. Most of the equipment used was either an AR-15/M4 platform or variant, in .223 caliber.

In every conference the rules are simple: You must use the equipment that is issued and used on the street. You must wear your soft body-armor, service side arms, gun belts and carry your gear as you would during a normal shift. All of the rifles and equipment are inspected and checked by staff for authenticity and safety, since the event disallows competition-style weapons. The gunfighters are then separated into three categories: iron sights; non-magnified optics, such as red dots and holographic sights; and, finally, magnified optics, which is limited to 5X magnification.

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  • I believe Mr. Agata referred to gunfighters … not warfighters. I do not believe he ever mentioned the militirization of police. Regardless, getting shot at with an AK is the same whether in Afghanistan or Los Angeles. The Ft. Hood shooting was stopped by resolute POLICE OFFICERS … on a US military installation COVERED WITH … UNARMED soldiers. The public does not issue policemen firearms for decoration. A terrorist attack in this country will be handled FIRST buy police officers, not soldiers. However, if an officer is not adequately trained to use a firearm and more importantly, does not possess the WILL to use it … then someone who IS willing to use it … is going to take it from him and kill him with it. Mean, crazy people will do what they will do … No matter who tries to blame it on the cops appearing too militiristic.
    Make no mistake, if you carry a firearm professionally in defense of life … you either are (or should be) a gunfighter. Mr. Agata is a 20 plus year veteran officer/instructor and well aware in the difference between the two. Note: Posse Comitatus is taught in every academy in the country by the way … I believe the above is more in the spirit of Mr. Agata’s commentary, as opposed to some misplaced diatribe about making soldiers out of cops. A policeman’s job is to protect and serve the public, not grant latitude to the guilty.

  • frank

    BTW the larue AR with the aimpoint and FTS magnifier is nice

  • frank

    I wonder what the founding fathers would think about the militarization of our civilian police agencies. I have a family full of LEO’s and serve daily with civilian law enforcement. We need to be careful with the powers granted. Will they be abused? We in uniform have a tendency follow orders (policy) without much thought as to its effects (git ‘er done…BTDT). I reflect on the deaths of the 4 officers in WA state and wonder as more people become despondent of the governement. Will they continue to “take it out” on those who enforce government policy (us in uniform). Then are we feeding the perception of impending martial law (excuse of crazies) by carrying the same gear I did in Afghanistan? Fueling their fire and isolating the public simultaneously?