PEAK BEAM SYSTEMS’ Maxa Beam Crew-Served Weapons Light (CSWL)

Peak Beam Systems' new Crew-Served Weapons Light (CSWL) Illumination System…

Peak Beam Systems’ new Crew-Served Weapons Light (CSWL) Illumination System is made specifically for heavy weapons. The weapon-mounted searchlight features a rugged, field-replaceable front lens and lamp assembly and a built-in interface that mounts the light to any M1913 Picatinny rail.

The Maxa Beam CSWL offers several unique capabilities including a Remote-Controlled Beam Width feature in which the operator can alter the beam width between a 1 degree spot and a 40 degree flood.  It also has a Non-Lethal Strobe function that effectively disables and disorients a target in situations where lethal force is not warranted.

All of the Maxa Beam CSWL features are controlled with an easy-to-use tape switch mounted at the rear of the weapon. Weighing just 3.85 pounds, the Maxa Beam CSWL offers an unparalleled 3000m visible/white light and 1200m infrared light range of illumination. The Maxa Beam CSWL system is rated at IP66, features Mil. Spec. metal connectors and has been tested extensively by the U.S. Special Forces at NSWC Crane and Fort Bragg.

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