Perfect TX4 Storm | Beretta TX4 Storm Shotgun Review

Beretta’s new semi-auto 12 gauge, the TX4 Storm shotgun, is fast, reliable and power-packed!

The super-reliable Beretta TX4 Storm was light on recoil and weight. It handled every load on the range with ease.

Having been deploying and using a tactical shotgun for well over 20 years, it is pretty difficult to impress me. Tactical shotguns of every variety, including a few select-fire models, have seen serious range time in my hands. Most are really high on the “cool factor” and often very low on the practicality scale. A shotgun is a simple tool, and it needs to stay as simple as possible. In the right configuration, it is a fantastic entry or patrol long gun. A shotgun is still my favorite go-to weapon and one is seldom far from reach. There really is no more versatile close-quarters weapon, and in the right hands, a shotgun can still be effective at longer ranges.

It might be hard for people to spot differences in shotguns, but they really have evolved quite a bit in the last 10 years. Maybe not so much in form as in function and manufacture. Like the rest of the gun industry, shotguns have benefitted from advanced materials and computer-aided manufacturing. They are lighter, stronger, and more reliable—especially the semi-autos. For years, running a semi-auto was a compromise. The gas-operated models could be “adjusted” to work reasonably well so long as you used the same ammunition. Recoil-operated guns would work but could be rather punishing. Some would run practice ammunition, others would not. It was quite the process to make certain your gun would always work—not something you want in a tactical gun. This meant that pump guns remained the most reliable and often the most common.

Pump guns are great, and a practiced operator can run them incredibly fast. They have the advantage of being able to cycle all kinds of ammunition as well. But in the hands of an average officer, a semi-auto is a ton faster and simpler. It was just a matter of getting them to work. And in the police world, it’s just as important to get them to work with practice ammunition. Duty ammunition is pricey and most agencies practice with some sort of lesser load. Even better would be the ability to run the lower-recoil buckshot. These loads are so well made these days that there is no real advantage to the higher-velocity rounds. With eight or nine pellets flying at around 1,200 FPS (feet per second), low-recoil rounds are as effective as they get at any typical police engagement distance. The lower recoil also means faster repeat shots and the ability to get more practice in. It would be a perfect world if a semi-auto could handle it all, one that really has escaped us—at least until now.

TX4 Thunder

The Beretta TX4 Storm is a gas-operated shotgun utilizing a rotating bolt and a 3-inch chamber. The return spring mechanism is all housed forward of the action. Geared toward the police and self-defense market, the TX4 utilizes an 18.5-inch, chrome-lined and hammer-forged barrel. The receiver is made from a lightweight alloy and features a Picatinny rail on top. The front sight is a protected white dot on a post, and an LPA adjustable rear sight is attached to the rail.

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  • JLA

    Looks like a nice shotgun. It’d be really nice if they’d put a version of their ‘Kick-Off’ stock (from the A-400) on it!!! Perhaps one with a pistol grip; that’d be awesome.