Although it is obviously a compact pistol, the Sig P224…

Although it is obviously a compact pistol, the Sig P224 doesn’t shoot like one. Its size, fast handling, remarkable performance and high magazine capacity make it an ideal weapon for discreet personal protection.

When I first started working on protective teams in the 1970s, it was usually necessary to be unobtrusively armed. In those days, we didn’t have earpieces and a lot of the gear associated today with protective details, although we did wear sunglasses a lot of the time. My standard weapon was a Browning Hi-Power, backed up by a .380 Walther PPK and/or occasionally a .25 Baby Browning. I used a shoulder holster much of the time for the Hi-Power because it let me better secure the weapon in crowds or stand with my arms crossed and my hand near the weapon. I also learned to access it with my support hand. In crowds, of course, my hands were in front of me to speed reaction time. The PPK was usually in one of my trouser pockets, though in cold weather I sometimes carried it in my Burberry.

The P224’s somewhat bobbed hammer is less likely to snag should it be drawn or even fired from concealment.

There were often times when the PPK was my only weapon. I had one job looking out for the children of a wealthy European who was married to an American. It turned out to be an easy gig as they were nice kids and the threats were minimal, but even if I had wanted to carry my Hi-Power I could not have done so as I was limited to the PPK by my licensing.

I spent some years teaching and taking security jobs in the summer, which often meant working in lighter clothing. As I result, I experimented with various ways to have a more powerful handgun that could be concealed in a pocket. I also used ankle holsters, but I have never found them that comfortable, especially in hot weather. When Detonics introduced their compact .45 Auto I tried one of those—the company even made one for me in .38 Super when I had a job in a land that did not allow 9mm or .45 ACP weapons. I had custom gunsmith Curt Hardcastle build me a chopped-down S&W Model 39 and a chopped Browning Hi-Power. All of those experiments worked to some extent, but it wasn’t until the latest generation of full-power compact autos that I have really found weapons that I consider optimum for pocket carry or other carry under light clothing. One of the very best of these is the Sig Sauer P224.

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  • Art

    I kept waiting for a Sig P224 in Sig 357 but finally gave up and settled for a Springfield XDS 45. I think I would still prefer the Sig but who knows when I would get my hands on one. I would like to have that to go with my Sig P229 in Sig 357 that I have owned since it came out.

  • ExSoldier

    I’m sure the Sig P224 is an awesome firearm, but like the others in the category such as the Kel-Tec KSG or the Kel-Tec PMR30 we’ll never get to see it because they’ll never catch up to demand or fear of having them banned will keep the prices too expensive! Already, the only PMR30 I have seen in the last two years wad priced at just over $1000.00!

    Nobody has even had a whiff of a P224 yet that I have seen. I’m so glad I bought my Sig MK25 9mm when I did! 😀