Proper rest means consistent weapon behavior from shot-to-shot, which is…

Proper rest means consistent weapon behavior from shot-to-shot, which is critical for correct zeroing and calibration. Use one of these excellent rests from Battenfeld Technologies, such as Caldwell’s Lead Sled Solo. PHOTO COURTESY BATTENFELD TECHNOLOGIES

With the ever-increasing popularity of tactical precision rifle (TPR) shooting, more and more attention is being given to the elements integral to its successful pursuit. Indeed, scopes, mounts, stocks, triggers, buttpads, bipods and other accessories have reached a point of sophistication previously unparalleled in history.

Yet, while the technology behind the equipment used in this kind of shooting is certainly the best ever seen, there seems to be a trend towards what I call “toy collecting”— that is, buying high-dollar equipment that may or may not be suitable for the shooter’s needs, but then subsequently paying little attention to its proper use.

Cant destroys consistency, which is a hallmark of accurate shooting. To make certain you’re not canting the rifle, an anti-canting device is available.

I often encounter TPR shooters who’ve bought the right equipment—scopes, mounts, rings, stocks, triggers, et al—but failed to properly set them up for maximum efficiency. Then they compound the problem by not utilizing shooting methods created to allow all that great equipment to perform to its best.

An angle indicator is also available for serious up- or downhill shooting.

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