Preview- Definitive Arms Kalashnikov System | Gun Review
Preview- Definitive Arms Kalashnikov System | Gun Review

Preview: Definitive Arms Kalashnikov System | Gun Review

Definitive Arms Kalashnikov System is an advanced conversion system that combines 5.56mm AR technology with AK durability!

The divide between AK and AR enthusiasts was lessened, albeit slightly, this year when Definitive Arms introduced its Kalashnikov System to allow AK-47 models to accept standard 5.56mm AR-style magazines. Reviewer Jorge Amselle put the new conversion system to the test for the 2014 AK-47 & SOVIET WEAPONS.

“…This is far more than a simple adapter. This system is solidly built from CNC-machined 4140 steel and permanently installed,” Amselle writes in his review. “For those of us who cut our teeth on the AR, it is the magazine change system that is hardest to master when switching to an AK. The Definitive Arms conversion makes magazine changes virtually identical to the AR, and much faster and easier.”

On the range, Amselle found the mag well conversion system a welcome alteration to standard AK handling. “Definitive Arms sent me one of their completely tricked-out AKs for testing, and the results were indeed as they promised. The adapter (magazine well) itself is riveted onto the receiver. There is a large, push-button magazine release on the right side in front of the triggerguard, similar to where it is located on an AR. The slide lock/release lever is on the left side, just in front of the triggerguard, allowing it to function in a manner opposite of a standard AR-style rifle,” says Amselle.

“The system worked perfectly well and magazines fit properly and easily into the magazine well,” notes Amselle. “They dropped free when the magazine-release button was activated. They always locked the bolt to the rear on an empty magazine (and it stayed to the rear when the magazine was extracted).”

For more information, check out the 2014 AK-47 & SOVIET WEAPONS, available on newsstands January 21, 2014. To subscribe, go to

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  • John Joseph Hall

    Personally a .223/5.56 AK hasnt appealed to me anyway but this is nothing new many mag adapters out there for variants in this caliber. go see for yourselves.

    • Clark

      Nothing new? Seriously? All the other adapters out there can’t even hold a candle to the Definitive Arms conversion. It’s way more than just a scabbed-on hunk of metal like the other ones. The DA conversion seamlessly provides AR functionality with AK reliability. Last-round-bolt-hold-open, magazine drop, fail-safe machining…there is nothing else out there that even comes close.