Preview- I.O. Inc. Archer 5.56mm | Gun Review
Preview- I.O. Inc. Archer 5.56mm | Gun Review

Preview- I.O. Inc. Archer 5.56mm | Gun Review

Based on the battle-proved Polish Beryl, the I.O. Inc. Archer AK lands in America!

Images from the Cold War seem incomplete without including the AK-47 rifle and its variants. For the 2014 AK-47 & SOVIET WEAPONS, Michael Humphries investigated a new U.S.-legal AK build from I.O. Inc. that traces its design lineage to the Polish “Beryl” rifle and how it signified that country’s increasingly distant relationship with the Soviet Union.

“As was the case with several Warsaw Pact members, Poland’s earliest Kalashnikov-pattern rifles shared many common traits with the original Russian design. This was true of the early milled-receiver models up to the AKM- and AKMS-era rifles. However, things began to change in the waning years of the Cold War with the shift to the AK-74 and the 5.45x39mm cartridge,” noted Humphries in his review.

“As a result of the move to join NATO in the late 1990s, Poland pushed into high gear on adopting a new 5.56x45mm-chambered weapon system.” Humphries continued. “This work became the basis for what would become the Mod. 96 rifle, also known as the ‘Beryl.’ This weapon, adopted by the polish military in 1997, represented a very interesting system that combined the Soviet Kalashnikov system with modern features and the Western 5.56x45mm cartridge.”

Offering a long-stoke piston action and Parkerized finish, the I.O. Inc. Archer exemplifies the modern-day utility of the classic Polish design. “…The Archer is 
configured similarly to
 the latest versions of the Beryl 
rifle, with a collapsible synthetic stock and a rock-solid optical rail mount located above the rifle’s top cover,” noted Humphries of the modern-day AK build.

For more information, check out the 2014 AK-47 & SOVIET WEAPONS, available on newsstands January 21, 2014. To subscribe, go to

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  • FailureNotOptional

    In my opinion: Buyer Beware!

    I.O. Inc. or IO Inc. or Interordance of America Inc. or Interordance Inc. or similar variants are all the same company whose president is Ulrich H. Wiegand (aka Uli). Uli has renamed, rebranded and even moved facilities — all to escape his well-deserved reputation for poor quality, poor customer services, and in general, poor business practices.

    Uli’s AKs are a hodgepodge of imported and domestic parts of questionable quality and pedigree. Common problems include: bolt-hold-open issues; hammer/trigger/bolt assembly misalignment; improper rivetting; failure-to-fire (FTF) due to various faulty bolt issues; loose stocks; various misfeeding/cycling; magazine misalignment due to faulty recever fabrication; improper parkerizing/finishing; worn springs, pistons, gas tubes; improper head-spacing; etc.

    Besides posting lavish praises of IO products by fake customers to hide real quality and safety problems with his AKs, Uli even promises — no details in writing though — a lifetime warranty. There is no guarantee IO Inc. will be in business even a year from now.

    Uli is originally from Germany and most people associate German products like Mercedes-Benz with high quality; unfortunately, Uli’s I.O.Inc. is more closely associated with the Ford and its Pinto.

    Finally, You should verify all of the above for yourself before purchasing anything — especially AKs — from Uli and I.O Inc.

  • dachu3

    Do they offer Archer that’s compliant with New Jersey laws and limitations?