Until now operators needing a lightweight precision rifle system have…

Until now operators needing a lightweight precision rifle system have been forced to compromise between weight reduction and consecutive-shot accuracy. Reduced-contour steel barrels are typically capable of only a few consecutive shots before heat causes a significant shift in point of impact; foam-filled fiberglass stocks tend to be less rigid and more damage-prone; and previous attempts at producing carbon fiber-wrapped barrels have also had heat-related consistency issues.

That was then, this is now. Based on a patented carbon-fiber barrel-wrapping technology and proprietary manufacturing process, Proof Research manufactures carbon fiber-wrapped barrels that significantly lighten warfighter load while offering superior performance over traditional steel barrels.

– Match-grade accuracy
– Up to 50% reduction in barrel weight
– Increased barrel longevity due to super-efficient thermal conduction (Proof Research’s -carbon fiber-wrapped barrels transfer heat much more efficiently than steel barrels and previously introduced carbon-fiber barrels.)
– No point-of-impact shift during high-volume fire
– Increased rigidity minimizes harmonic barrel vibration
– Tested, validated and used by special operations snipers
– Available for armorer/gunsmith installation

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