PROTECH’s Fast Attack Vest

PROTECH'S new Fast Attack Vest (FAV™) features several innovative built-in…


PROTECH’S new Fast Attack Vest (FAV™) features several innovative built-in components, including an internal wire channel, magazine pouches and a 360-degree MOLLE attachment platform. By incorporating multiple and varied protective features, the FAV provides tactical officers and first responders the ability to choose the most effective protection package based on specific threat assessments.

A Drug Enforcement Administration-approved vest, the FAV features the following:
* Adjustable shoulders and the MOLLE closure system, providing increased adjustability and flexibility and to facilitate quick responses in high-risk situations.
* 360-degree modular pouch attachment system and the T2 carrier includes six, built-in long arm magazine pouches.

fav2.jpgAdditional options include:
* YOKE (shoulder, throat and collar) protection
* Ballistic chaps for thigh and femoral artery protection
* Detachable groin protector
* Bicep protectors
* Level III and IV hard armor plates
* Equipment pouches

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